Airpics contains a lot of new and old aviation photos from around the world. The site is owned and operated on a non-profit basis. Airpics was started as a private initiativ, and is now owned and operated by Foreningen Flyprat.


  • 2014: Launched on new search-site. A total of 149.402 photos in the database.
  • august 2011: Morten Steen passed away. Foreningen Flyprat was given the responsebility of the Airpics-database
  • before 1999: Airpics started by Morten Steen (Norway) as a private initiative

Foreningen Flyprat

Foreningen Flyprat is a non-profit organisation, registered in Norway. The goal of Flyprat is "to make sure there are social and virtual meetingplaces for aviation enthusiasts in Norway and Scandinavia". The main meetingplace is the Scandinavian discussion-forum along with sporadic meetups in Norway and other places.